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Liyah has recently become pregnant due to a magic anon fiasco.






seraphinarosemoretti replied to your photo: She’s here, everyone. She’s finally here! Melissa…

She is absolutely beautiful. Hello little Melissa. You have a great mommy here. Truly blessed.

She’s a little angel. *kisses the newborn’s forehead gently, smiles softly at Sera* You want to hold her?

I…uh…Sure. *nods* 

*sits up slowly, hands the little bundle to her gently, all smiles as she watches Melissa in her arms*

*awkwardly looks down at the infant yet her mothering instincts take hold as she cradles the tiny being* So cute. I wonder what abilities this demi-god will have…hm?

I wonder that myself… *her smile widens as she watches the two of them*

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